BCM325 DA Pitch – Lovers of Live

BCM325 is all about the future and I’m eager to continue building Lovers of Live as I explore the future of live music. I will achieve this by regularly posting blog posts to www.loversoflive.com and creating engagement with fans (plus promotional posts) on Instagram.

Whilst imagination is necessary when forecasting the future, solid research will be necessary for my DA – both in the form of academic sources and pop-culture news.

Some academic sources I’m eager to read include:
Future Cultures: A brief history of VR
Dead Stars Live – Kenny Forbes
Music Audiences and Virtual Reality
Inclusion by live streaming?

Examples of pop-culture news that already complement academic sources I’ll be reading include:
BTS livestream concert in cinemas
Splendour XR
Lil Nas X Roblox concert
In-game concerts

I’m also eager to do further research on the future of live music in the context of the Anthropocene, as sustainability becomes a focal point of concerts and festivals, with artists such as The 1975 and Harry Styles recognising climate change, and the impact of global tours.

As I explained in the Pitch video, my aim is to forecast the future of live music, whilst keeping it relatable to audiences by using examples (artists, bands) we know and love.

This methodology will enable me to create content about the future of live music effectively.

With previous experience working on Lovers of Live, I’ve set a production timeline that balances my health circumstances, plus other study/life commitments. Weekly blogging was a past goal which I struggled to achieve. I need to be realistic with production planning!


Week 1 – 3: Focus on pitch, posting Instagram stories and engaging with followers
Week 4: Watch BTS livestream, research, publish blog post (approx. 700 words each), post Instagram content (regular stories, approx. 3 Instagram posts)
Week 5: Research, publish blog post, post Instagram content as above
Week 6: Research, post Instagram content that focuses on follower engagement – ask questions, receive feedback
Week 7 – 8: (MID SESSION BREAK) – research, catch up on publishing blog posts, engagement/feedback focus on Instagram (post memes, questions, polls)
Week 9: Research, publish blog post, post regular Instagram content
Week 10: Research, publish blog post, post regular Instagram content AND seek feedback and insight on ABBA hologram tour from friends attending the show in London
Week 11: Research, gain feedback on content published thus far and upcoming ABBA blog, focus more on Instagram engagement and preparing for final blog post
Week 12: Publish ABBA blog post, post complementing Instagram content – first-hand accounts from the tour will be valuable
Week 12: May 27th – Submit DA

**The DA is due May 27th and ABBA’s first tour date is May 27th – therefore, despite submitting my assessment on time, due to the time difference with London I will continue publishing content on Lovers of Live over the final weekend of May to document the historic event that is ABBA Voyage. I’m excited to do this, as I would be doing this for Lovers of Live irrespective of an assessment.

After all, it’s the future of live music!


    1. Hey, Natalie. Your pitch was fantastic! It was quite entertaining, and I am excited about the future of live music. I believe that live music is an important aspect of our culture, and I think it’s a terrific idea to look into its future. As soon as I saw your proposal, I immediately thought about holograms and how they were used for Michael Jackson in 2014. You could possibly go into the ethics of using a hologram and where we draw the line within our society. I thoroughly enjoyed the engaging pitch video, the imagery and use of 2 phones were really effective! I look forward to seeing more of this DA, good luck!

  1. Hi Natalie, I really enjoyed your pitch! It was super engaging and I love the idea of the future of live music. I feel like live music is such a big part of our culture, and it’s a great idea to look into the future of it. As soon as I saw your idea, I thought of holograms at live music events, and how they can possibly be more prevalent in the future. Here’s a source I found about this which I think will be super useful to your research if you choose to write a blog post or make an instagram post on it: https://medium.com/predict/hologram-artists-the-future-of-live-performance-9851d2e02ae1 I also love your idea of sustainability within concerts and how certain artists have spoken out on climate change while on stage. Perhaps you could also discuss how artists are using their concerts to speak out on social issues as well as large concerts with multiple artists to raise money such as Live Aid in 1985 and how this may be prevalent in the future. Next time I recommend making a gantt chart or some sort of table for your production timeline so you have a visual idea of where your DA is heading – I know this was helpful for my own! Good luck with your DA and I can’t wait to see what you create!

    1. Hi Thy, thank you so much for your feedback, especially your advice regarding my production timeline. That helped loads! I’ll be sure to check out this source and really appreciate the ideas you’ve commented too! It reminded me of when I attended FireFight Australia, really shows the power of live music in the past, present and future! Thank you again 🙂

  2. Hi Natalie! Just wanted to start off by saying that I loved your pitch – your video is engaging and both the video and blog post clearly states your research idea and the direction you’re heading in. I, too, am a massive fan of ABBA, and was so intrigued with the fact that they would be using holograms as part of their show, and definitely think this is a great example for your research.

    You’re pitch was really well done, so it was hard to find large rooms for improvement. I think one thing I would have liked to see, was a table or some sort of chart for your production timeline so your audience (and yourself) can visualise it. I note that you are looking into the future in the next 5 years, and think that you could have even included your own predictions of what the future of live music will look like based on your initial background research into holograms and AI.

    I’ve found a few sources that might also aid you in your research:

    https://soundcharts.com/blog/music-industry-trends – this blog discusses trends and predictions we may see throughout 2022 and into the future. It mentions the current use of AI tech and how it will shape the music industry, as well as what changes we may see in terms of music consumption.

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2022/03/01/young-people-want-more-digital-music-experiences-tech-entrepreneurs-can-seize-this-opportunity/?sh=48164ba11517- this news article outlines the opportunities of digital music experiences and the ways in which tech companies can take advantage of this. It may also be a good insight into the business side of the future of live music such as deals between artists and video game companies for those in-game concerts you discussed.

    Other questions you could consider going into this is perhaps how the future might affect smaller or local artists that don’t have the money or capacity to perform live via these mediums, and reach a wider audience.

    Overall, I am really excited to see the development of your project, and am DEFINITELY sticking around for that ABBA blog post 😉 great job!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Alana! I’ll be checking these sources out for sure and I really appreciate the encouragement, constructive feedback and interest you showed in my concept for Lovers of Live! Can’t wait to chat all things ABBA holograms with you later this session! 😉

  3. Hey Natalie, absolutely love your idea for your Digital Artifact and how you plan on exploring the future of live music through your DA. Your pitch video was really well put together and outlined things like your methodology, and what you’re actually going to be doing for your DA really clearly. The same applies to your blog post, with it explaining future research, as well as your timeline for the upcoming weeks. Though It might’ve been a good idea to put it into a chart to help visualize it. Though your pitch and blog post were basically perfect!

    In terms of research, I highly suggest looking into Hatsune Miku, a virtual, Japanese idol. I think the merging of virtual and in person live content is a really interesting aspect that can be explored in your Digital Artifact, and Hatsune Miku is, as far as I know, one of the first to do a computer generated performance on a real stage.

    Click to access 01_le.pdf

    This Journal goes into her history and the phenomenon around her and how it came to redefine our perception of live performance. It also provides a non western perspective on the live music genre that you’re going to be looking at. So I hope this inspired you in some way!

    Looking forward to your DA!

  4. Natalie, I love your digital artefact idea! Exploring the future of live music is a great topic and definitely not something I’ve actually thought about up until now! This is exactly what BCM325 is all about.

    I also enjoyed your pitch video – it was engaging, concise and informative, I commend you on your efforts! Great job clearly identifying and outlining your methodology and public utility – that was something I personally struggled a little bit with! I found your pitch video and blog post to be near perfect and honestly hard to pinpoint areas of improvement!
    One aspect I would note, is it is so important to incorporate a type of graph or table to accurately visualise your process, not only for the audience, but for you as well. Seeing your timetable and plan of action formatted in a graph allows for you to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done and when. Other than that I think you’ve done a great job and I look forward to keeping up to date with your digital artefact!

    Here is a link to some resources I feel would greatly assist you.>>
    Also one specifically about Abba 😉 https://www.ericsson.com/en/blog/2022/1/future-of-concerts-abba

    Thank you Natalie!

  5. Hey Natalie!
    Wow I am obsessing over your pitch video! From a marketing perspective, it was so engaging and visually pleasing that if you keep up that aesthetic, it will definitely attract the audience you are targeting! As soon as I saw the title of your DA I knew what it was going to be about, which is so handy because it shows that anyone that sees your DA is instantly going to know its about live music. Im very proud that you are expanding on your past DA and focussing it on something you love. That is the easiest way to succeed in the assessment as well as in life! Live music is a large aspect of our generation and is hugely popular today. Something that you could consider to add to your DA is song of the week! you could post your favourite song of the week to further interact with your audience and start casual convo and really connect with them. Sustainability is so important to many individuals today and I think it is great that you have addressed this in your DA. Heres an article I’ve found on the sustainability of festivals in Australia! https://coastalwaste.com.au/the-devasting-waste-problem-behind-australias-festival-circuit/
    It says that festivals can produce the equivalent of over 6 pounds of waste per person per day! Id definitely give it a read it would be great for this section go your DA!
    Im really excited to see how you go with this DA and wish you the best of luck!

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