Lovers of Live – BCM325 DA Contextual Essay

As stated in my pitch, Lovers of Live is my existing DA that consists of a WordPress blog and an Instagram account that reviews, and celebrates, live music events.

I approached the Future Cultures DA challenge in BCM325 by iterating Lovers of Live content to focus on the next 5 years of the future of live music. To do this in a way that aligned with my existing, engaging audience, I chose to focus on specific artists like BTS, Harry Styles and ABBA to explore the ways in which the future of live music encompasses the Anthropocene, Wendell Bell’s futurology, paradigm shifts in media and technological innovations.

www.loversoflive blogs includes:

@loversoflive Instagram posts/Reel includes:
– ABBA Instagram post will be published in a couple of days

*please view stories in the saved highlights on the Lovers of Live profile

I’m immensely proud of all the content I created in BCM325. I believe I successfully accomplished the DA challenge, as I forecast the “probable, possible and/or preferable futures” (in the 5 year/short term) based on analysing past and present trends, and credible research. My BTS, Harry Styles and ABBA blog posts are strengthened by the knowledge I acquired in BCM325.

Viewing live music with an anthropogenic lens allowed me to analyse the future possibility of climate-focused, sustainable tours. Wendell Bell’s teachings are seen in the way I analyse live music events and predict future formats – livestreams in cinemas, clubs, holograms vs motion-picture digital creations. This can also be seen in the paradigm shift of media, as fans use different platforms to stream concerts. Technology is an important part of the future and forecasting it based on what we use and witness now was fun, and also achieved in a way that was compatible with my existing Lovers of Live audience.

The engagement I received on Instagram, Twitter, from followers and friends, plus in WordPress traffic proves I achieved my social utility of wanting to forecast the future of live music whilst learning about emerging technologies, strengthening my writing and enhancing my graphic design/video editing skills.

Words can’t describe how amazed I am at the success of my Harry Styles Reel – 20.7K views and almost 3000 likes!? Mind-blowing!! I’m also proud of the traffic received. It’s comforting to know your work is being read and appreciated.

Lovers of Live experienced continual progression and refinement. However, I was admitted into hospital early May, which set me back. Weeks of research and publishing I had planned was not possible.

I’m proud of the ways I overcame this, writing two blog posts alone in the final week of BCM325. This proved how valuable planning was, as before my hospital admission I’d already posted six blog posts, eight Instagram posts and my Harry Styles Reel – which went viral!

As Chris always said in our lectures…“failing to plan is planning to fail.”

The main secondary research (both academic and pop-culture based) I utilised to write thorough, insightful, and relevant blog posts included:
– Dead Stars Live – Kenny Forbes
– Inclusion by live streaming?
Rock and Roll Never Dies -Will Holograms Dominate Live Performances in Rock Music in the Future?
– BTS livestream concert in cinemas
ABBA Voyage’s creators on how it was made – and what’s next (
REVERB | Harry Styles: Love on Tour
Harry Styles’s Tour Just Raised $1.2 Million For Charity | British Vogue | British Vogue

* all other sources used for additional facts or multimedia content are attributed via hyperlink in the relevant published blog posts

To enhance Lovers of Live, I also published content utilising my primary research, my experience attending live music events, plus the observation of livestreams. The three blog posts for Couchella/Coachella quickly became my most successful articles, pushing large amounts of traffic to I intended on using these blog posts as stepping-stones to one final article that deep-dived into the future of livestreams, looking at AI, VR, gaming, and other elements. However, I couldn’t achieve this due to ill-health. Alas, the early work didn’t go to waste!

The early feedback I received from fellow BCM325 peers was valuable and incorporated.

Throughout my blog posts I wrote about artists addressing social issues on stage, along with the impact of Live Aid and Fire Fight style benefit concerts. I also discussed the Anthropocene, leading technologies, and innovative formats of live music events. If I had more time, and better health, I would’ve loved to explore other themes expressed in my peers’ feedback!

In the future, Lovers of Live can evolve as I personally (and hopefully) experience VR livestreams and ABBAtars, which I’d love to review. The focus on the Anthropocene will also be valuable in the future, as I attend Harry Styles’ sustainable tour and can report on other artists following in his footsteps. Either way, Lovers of Live will continue to be a space for fans missing the energy of the crowd in the future.

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